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Dr. Dindyal Mandal


My research interest from the beginning was always mostly interdisciplinary nature. During my Ph.D I worked at the interface of microbiology and chemistry. After getting sound knowledge in chemistry, specially different analytical tools, I was interested to work on the application of chemistry to solve the biological problems. Fortunately, I got the chance to work in cancer at Mayo Clinic where I learnt how to use peptides for drug delivery. During this period I got acquainted with all biological techniques, such as cell culture, PCR and other molecular biology techniques. After moving to M D Anderson Cancer Center, I got trained in clinical research. Finally during my postdoctoral training in Dr. Parang's lab, I got extensive experience in peptide synthesis. Also, we published few interesting results in high impact journal such as Angewandte Chemie. For the current proposal I will be responsible for peptide synthesis and other biological experiments.

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